Intelligent Video Surveillance




    1. The camera should be placed vertical to the way of the moving target.

    1. The detected size of the target should be between 1/500~1/10 on the screen.

    1. The length of the virtual detection line should be longer than the target.

    1. The virtual detection line should be drawn vertically to the moving target.

    1. The target should be able to cross the virtual detection line completely in order for the counting process to be completed.

    1. In order to maximize the accuracy and precision of this IVS function, please prevent targets from crossing the virtual detection line from the opposite directions at the same time. If there are two targets crossing the line simultaneously from the same direction without keeping safety distances, one count will only be recorded instead of two counts.

    1. This function (IVS) better suits to use in places where targets can only cross from certain directions but not from random directions.

    1. Allow the front and back of the virtual detection line to be clear. Prevent setting the line at a place near many constant moving objects.

    1. Do not draw the virtual detection line near the edge of the screen.



  • The setup environment cannot be too bright or too dark. (We use human eyes as the standard, if human eyes can identify the object, then the system will not have a problem detecting the target.)
  • If the target is too small (near 1/500), we suggest you to reset the “sensitivity“ on your DVR to a higher number. (0 gives the minimum sensitivity, and 15 gives the maximum sensitivity.)
  • If miscounts still occur after all the settings are done correctly as above, please readjust the sensitivity on your DVR setting to a higher number. If addition count shows on the screen when there are no targets passing through the virtual detection line, please readjust the sensitivity to a lower number. (0 gives the minimum sensitivity, 15 gives the maximum sensitivity.)
  • We do not recommend you to set this function on a PTZ camera because once it moves its angle or its image, the meaning of the function will be lost.
  • If the IPS setting is set too low, inaccurate count might occur.