Security Guard vs Videofied Camera

Hiring security guards was the best way to protect your property or loved ones for a very long time, but that is no longer the case. More businesses and private property owners are using advanced surveillance technology to secure their properties. If you have to decide about securing your property you need to consider whether to use a security guard or videofied surveillance system, or both.

Cameras can be a valuable resource to document a criminal act and identifying the perpetrators. Videofied Surveillance Systems are able to accomplish our ultimate goal to prevent a crime from happening by connecting it to strobe lights and sirens in the first place. Strobe lights and sirens will prevent a criminal from breaking into a building plus Video Surveillance will let monitoring station to live monitor the site 24/7. If needed, they can activate police to site rightway. Having live video evidence of crime happening makes it priority for police and action is faster. Criminals can be caught red handed.

Having an actual living, trained and experienced professional on site has been long used practice when it comes to protecting a building or business. The security guards are very vulnerable to these criminals as these bad guys can harm the security guards and thus the liability and legal issues arising from it. Security guards can be helpful if they are complimented by Surveillance System otherwise, mostly security guard’s main priority will be to keep him/herself safe than the security of the property. Having on-site security officers is an excellent tool for the witnessing and documenting of crimes or attempted crimes but with videofied surveillance systems you can do same plus you have live evidence.

Video monitoring becomes more and more sophisticated every year. Today’s systems incorporate “smart” cameras, boast internal storage and embedded analytics, and can stream to virtually any mobile device. These advances, along with the estimated cost savings when compared with contracting security officers, have made remote video monitoring a popular security option at retail centers, apartment complexes, industrial settings and other locations. Surely it is less expensive, after the initial investment, than having security officers patrolling a property. Video also can be particularly effective after hours to capture images of criminal activity and even help solve a crime.

Video surveillance is a good fit for preventing theft live as well as after hours for theft, accidents and vandalism. They are used effectively to monitor parking lots and large industrial facilities. There are several reasons to go for Videofied surveillance technology over Security Guard:

  1. Effectiveness: Videofied surveillance systems can actually be an even more effective deterrent than security guard since there can be more of them, they can be in multiple locations all of the time, and it’s not always easy to discern the camera’s field of vision.
  2. No Payroll Cost: Videofied surveillance systems is a more effective way to protect the items and people that are valuable to you is the costs that are involved with the surveillance equipment versus the payroll for security guards. The price tag of security camera equipment has significantly dropped over the last few years; this is true even for much of the high quality merchandise that is currently available.
  3. Consistency: Videofied surveillance systems are better at protecting what you value most is the consistency of the protection offered by them versus security guards. Surveillance cameras provide a watchful eye to help provide protection around the clock, every day of the week.
  4. Unbiased evidence: Security cameras will constantly monitor an area and provide an unbiased account of an event that usually stands up in a court of law better than a lot of eye witness testimony. It’s a well documented fact that a witness’s memory of an event can be inaccurate and it can often be clouded by the stress of the moment.
  5. Blanket Coverage: Videofied surveillance systems provide superior protection as they can provide blanket coverage where they are installed. Unlike a security guard, which can only be at one place at a time, surveillance cameras can easily be installed in such a way that they offer complete visual coverage of a property all the time.
  6. Eliminate element of misconduct: Videofied surveillance systems makes many people feel more comfortable trusting the safety of their loved ones or property to security camera is that the cameras take the human element of misconduct out of the equation. They eliminate unprejudiced account of the events by the human beings (security guards).
  7. Eliminate Human Resource Issues: Videofied surveillance systems eliminates human resource issues due to misconduct or biased evidence by the security guards. E.g. Disciplinary action, the loss of employment, or legal consequences.
  8. Extra layer of Safety: Videofied surveillance systems also provide extra layer of safety to many people who have the budget and desire to hire a team of security guards. This combined type of protection has proven to be very effective if the budget can support both.
  9. Reliability: Videofied surveillance systems offer a better, more thorough, more reliable level of protection for the things that are most valuable to people and the general public has started to become increasingly aware of it.
  10. Price Tag: Videofied surveillance systems is offered for less money than the price tag of a security guard force. One month of security guard cost would cover initial cost of installation of Video Surveillance systems and after that its very minimal cost to bear with better security. A security guard costs anywhere from $20/hour and considering overtime and statutory pay even it goes up. In contrast, videofied surveillance systems can be installed and monitored for an entire year for about $3/hour.
  11. Easy Management: You have to tell a security guard what to do and where to be. Even then there the message is not fully conveyed and then it depends on how much security guards are effective and efficient. You set up the camera once it does the same job continuously without any efficiency or effectiveness issue.
  12. Personal injury: A security guard could get hurt on the job in the event of a break in or any other kind of infractions with criminals or due to slip and falls. A camera could get damaged too, but that’s far less of a problem than personal injury.