Nursery and Greenhouse Label Print

We offer blank or custom printed Inkjet or Laser Printable plant tags and nursery tags any size or shape, pre-printed or die cut sheets that can be printed on desktop laser and inkjet printers. Choose from waterproof, glossy, metallic and other hard-to-find materials.

We print all kinds of outdoor label and signage for Nurseries, Greenhouses and Garden Centres. Plant growers needs are always changing. Whether they are a wholesale grower,  independent garden center, greenhouses, or major retailer, you have unique needs for labeling and signage. We specialize in Horticultural labels, tags, and weather proof signage. We can help with nursery and greenhouse label solutions that is good for extreme weather conditions. We manufacture adhesive labels, custom hanging basket tags, thermal pot stakes, and retail signage.

  • Waterproof Pot Stakes
  • Custom size printing available
  • Adhesive Labels
  • Poly material with aggressive adhesive
  • Waterproof Tags and Signage
  • Custom Labels

We expertise in graphic design and our artists can help design a new label to fit your needs. From a simple border, to layout with your company’s logo, let our team put their experience to work for you.

Our specialty materials are a complete solution for gardens and greenhouses that need to label and identify their plants, trees, pots, bags, and more. Labels and tags are designed for permanent outdoor use, with resistance to withstand sunlight, heat, humidity, water, snow, wind & dirt. Labels and tags are printed to your size and design. Custom options for barcodes, images, logos & more are available. Labels are professionally printed & finished or ordered as blank to use with your own thermal printer.